"I’ve been selling on eBay since 2002! I was having a garage sale, and there was a lady buying everything I had at the garage sale. I asked her if she had children, because it was mostly children’s clothing, and she said “Oh, no. I don’t have kids. I’m selling this on eBay!” I had no idea what eBay was at the time, so I closed the garage, and opened my store. Initially, I used eBay’s photo uploading, but they used to charge for photos back then. I used a few other photo hosting services, but on a seller’s page, I noticed they had the nicest templates, and variety of listing set ups. At the bottom, it said `Hosted by inkFrog`. So, I went to inkFrog, and signed up. I’m not sure how many years ago that was, but I’m sure you can see it in my history! I’ve never looked back, though.

I’ve used inkFrog since then, and through many changes to my business, growing pains with eBay, and listing requirement changes, I’ve always found inkFrog to be an extremely user friendly site. I’ve grown with their platform, and appreciate all of the changes, and options available. I also like the fact that they are EXTREMELY responsive with any inquiries. The site has some excellent features, not only the fact that I can easily locate my images, it also has great templates, that help give my listings a boost in appearance, they also have a great photo editor, that allows me to tweak my photos for maximum appeal. I must say, however, my favorite feature is the bulk edit. eBay is constantly changing requirements, and the bulk edit tool makes my life so much easier! I usually have about 1,000 listings on eBay at any time, so bulk editing allows me to still have a life!! I love how it allows me to link to a specific selection, for example, I use a shipping tool, that has everything filled in for first class, priority, and worldwide shipping. The tool allows me to click one button that has all of the options I want, already selected. It’s a game changer. I can edit listings in about 10 minutes, as opposed to hours!!

The value that inkFrog adds to my business is immeasurable. I am always crunched for time, and inkFrog allows me to run my business without spending hours cropping photos, organizing them in files, creating templates, and typing descriptions. I love inkFrog!!"
- Alyson Colosia


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