We Are Hunters is about living fashionably conscious and celebrating a new way to shop for premium brands. "Premium brands that don’t cost the planet".


We Are Hunters was established in Sydney by Sarah Holdway & Kerry Flynn in 2016. We Are Hunters is an e-commerce store specializing in pre-loved premium Australian and international brands. We Are Hunters merges the girls' fashion & business experience and knowledge with a sustainable and conscious outlook that reflects their aesthetic values and love for the planet.

Here's what they have to say about inkFrog:

"We've been selling on eBay for two years now. We started using inkFrog in about August of this year.
inkFrog has allowed us to integrate our online store and our eBay store which means we have less double handling. Essentially, we have one collection of stock across the two platforms which has made management of sales, listings entries and editing a far less laborious task than if we had to list items separately on each platform. With the ability to setup templates and master profiles inkFrog has allowed for maximum efficiency which has helped our business easily manage its growth."


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