Bobozes has been using inkFrog for over 6 months to sell thousands of media products on eBay France and create professional eBay listing templates for their business:

"I've started to sell on eBay in April 2001. I'm using inkFrog for 6 months now after trying different template and managing tools. As eBay has cancelled Turbo Lister the tool we used for years, it became very complicated for professional sellers to work with the eBay tools. inkFrog is great for creating great templates and sales management . Our store is dedicated to electronic reborns, LPs, EPs, Audio Tapes, Video Tapes, Laserdiscs, Vintage Hifi, video & photo Components."

- Yvan Coriat

Bobozes has over 10,000 active eBay listings and a professional storefront:

You can visit Bobozes here:

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