Kathleen Walker is a senior citizen who has been selling on eBay for 10 years and has lots to say about inkFrog:

"Been selling on eBay more than 10 years and started out slow. Once I found inkFrog I was able keep and maintain a larger quantity of listings. My favorite feature of inkFrog is the library that keeps information on my items after I take them out because they are unavailable or not in season. When I'm ready to relist, I just pull it up and submit it, I don't need to reinvent the wheel. Before inkFrog I would need to reenter the specifics and description which was tedious and slow-going. Happy customer!"

- Kathleen Walker

Kathleen runs the eBay store called Picket Fence Gifts which focuses on selling home decor items:

You can visit Kathleen's eBay store here:

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