iBuyz uses inkFrog to streamline the eBay listing process:

"I started selling on eBay as a business (as opposed to just as a hobby) in 2009. I started a formal business called iBuyz Liquidation, Inc. in Feb. 2009. inkFrog quickly became our preferred method for hosting images, templates, and managing listings.... including doing the listings.

inkFrog has streamlined the listing process. It allows us to have, host and utilize a few iBuyz templates to be available for use at at time. It allows us to cost effectively host images and have access to these images whether we used the images 2 days ago..... or going back 2 years ago..... they are there for us!

inkFrog has allowed us to easily monitor information about our listings.... we use it to see and calculate statistics such as # of watchers...... # of sales..... time that the listing has been out there, etc. With this information we make decisions on what the edit, what to Relist, what the Sell Similar and more. We also use tools from within inkFrog Open to populate listings that we've created on other platforms, like a Shopify website directly into eBay. This app allows us to seamlessly use the photos, titles, descriptions, pricing information, shipping weights and more right from one platform to another (i.e. eBay) with just a few clicks on a mouse!"

- Daniel Riley

iBuyz has hundreds of active eBay listings and over 84,000 positive reviews on eBay:

You can visit iBuyz here:

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